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The Korean Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (KSCRS) is a developed from the Korean Intraocular Implant Club (KIOIC) which was founded on August 31, 1984. The key members were Prof. Sang-wook LEE and Prof. Jae-ho KIM of Catholic University, Prof. Dong-ho YOON of Seoul National University, and Prof. Kyung-hwan SHIN of Koryo Hospital.

On November 27, 1984, at the inauguration meeting, Prof. Sang-wook LEE was elected as the first president of the Society and Prof. Kyung-hwan SHIN as Treasurer among 45 foundation members. Since then, the society has held academic seminars once or twice each year. Through these meetings the KSCRS have hosted the invited lectures of the outstanding ophthalmologists such as, SA Ostbaum, RL Lindstrom, MC Craft from USA, K Miyaki from Japan and E Rosen from Europe. In 1993, the Korean Intraocular Implant Club (KIOIC) was renamed to the Korean Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (KSCRS) with in attempt to adhere to the founding motto of KIOIC, and also to follow the new trend which not only aimed to clear the turbid lens through the development of cataract surgery but also to perform refractive surgery concurrently. In addition, the society began to conduct more research on refractive surgery and corneal transplantation. Among 176 members of KSCRS, the first president was Prof. Kyung-hwan SHIN of Chung-Ang University and Secretary General, Prof. Nam-ho BAEK of Catholic University. The purpose of the Society is to contribute to the development of ophthalmology through studies and education about cataract and refractive surgery, and to develop mutual friendship and interactions within the Society.

Since its foundation, KIOIC had held one or two lectures every year for a total of 24 meetings. Three volumes of the Society’s journal have been published. During the 1980s, in the process of cataract surgery, phacoemulsification and posterior chamber lens implantation were not widely performed in Korea. Accordingly, the members of the Society made efforts to adopt the new surgical techniques and to make progress in research in this field.

KSCRS sponsored workshops for residents every spring in order to improve the quality of cataract surgery, particularly. In February 1998, a workshop went on about phacoemulsification at Kangnam St. Mary’s Hospital. Fifty-one residents attended and a survey from the workshop showed that most of the attendants were satisfied with the program. Each year during the ophthalmologic conference, the Society held a symposium to provide an opportunity to discuss the newly acquired information concerning the field of cataract refractive surgery.

On July 1, 1995 and June 2 1997, the Society successfully hosted the international meeting on Advanced Excimer Laser and Cataract Surgery in Seoul. At the first conference in 1995, 17 invited foreign addressors and 297 domestic researchers attended. Also at the third conference in 1997, 31 invited lecturers and 355 domestic researchers were presented. The international guests and number of attendees indicated the growth of KISCRS. Since 1998, the Society has held a symposium each year to contribute to the expansion and research of Cataract and Refractive surgery.

From June 12 to 13, 2004, the Society held the 5th International Meeting on Advanced Cataract and Refractive Surgery at the Seoul Hilton Hotel to provide a place for an active international exchange of knowledge in the field of cataract and refractive surgery. More than 300 ophthalmologists attended from 11 countries.

In 2006, a symposium was held at Asan Medical Center where 32 lecturers, 210 cataract specialists, and 114 residents attended to discuss up-to-date information on the field of cataract and refractive surgery. Also, the Society has provided phacoemulsification workshops once or twice each year for the residents who have just recently begun to do cataract surgery to prepare them with the proper surgical skills.

In 2001, the society compiled current information on refractive surgery into a Korean textbook called ‘Refractive Surgery.’ Subsequently, in 2005, the Society published a revised edition, which greatly helped to extend the practice of refractive surgery. The Korean Society of Cataract Refractive Surgery will adhere to the profound and sincere purposes which were persistently kept in KIOIC. With enthusiastic and active participation, ASCRS members will make every effort to establish higher standards for the Society.